Friday, September 12, 2008

I won't list all 206 reasons, but suffice it to say, Bones is great fun. Airing on FOX, Wednesdays at 8 ET, Bones is a welcome respite from the cold, grey grit of most other crime procedurals. Entering its fourth season, the cast is very comfortable and familiar in their characters, and the wit keeps up to speed. This season opened with a tw0-hour visit to the UK, allowing for some fun Yank/Brit ribbing. Booth and Brennan supply great contrast to the show - Boreanaz and Deschanel nailing their portrayals with ease. What makes the show so fun is that it does not take itself too seriously. Agent Booth is always ready to crack a joke about the deceased, the suspects, or his "squints." Dr. Sweets provides the outsider character now that Dr. Addy is gone. His contribution to the show has become essential. I am not familiar with psychology, or forensic anthropology for that matter, Bones allows me to feel as if I am a high-minded intellectual anyways, all the while having fun with Booth's gung-ho attitude. "What, there's no gunplay?"

If you're a little tired of Law & Order, CI or SVU, or CSI, New York or Miami, or even Cold Case or NCIS, or Without a Trace, or The Closer or Criminal Minds or Numb3rs, well, Bones, is a good alternative that won't leave you depressed. Don't forget to check out Monk, too. (USA, Fridays at 9 ET)

Pick up the recent episodes of bones online at Hulu.


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